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It’s About Art and Great Coffee

Watch this video of Gary Numan’s song Splinter with photography and editing by Steve Patchin:

What is Art Bus Coffee?

This is a new venture for Steve Patchin, founded in two old passions: art and coffee. Steve has been a photographer in Las Vegas for more than 30 years, and he has owned his video and photography business, Patchin Pictures, since 1997. Throughout this time, Steve has never stopped expanding and refining his art and photography. His resume of images displays an abundance of styles and subjects that are uniquely appealing to those who see them. While researching ideas for presenting his art to the public so more people can experience it, Steve realized that the best way to reach more people would be to take the art to them. That’s where the bus comes in. Seeing art in person is far different than looking at it on a computer screen, but how can people know this if they haven’t experienced the difference? And shuffling through an art gallery really isn’t the best way to see art. You need to relax and enjoy it. That’s where the coffee comes in. Steve has had a passion for good coffee since he first tasted the difference between the traditional, canned, over-warmed, stale-smelling brown liquid his parents drank when he was a child, and a properly roasted, ground and brewed cup of elegance he first discovered in a fine restaurant many years ago. The satisfaction from tasting a good cup of coffee is very much like the  satisfaction from seeing a good work of art. They both feel right. And so Steve decided to bring these two gems of life together in a unique experience: art and coffee together, but not in the traditional way, rather in a mobile way that gives people an experience they may not expect, brought directly to them. And what better way to do this than with an English double decker bus? So the idea of Art Bus Coffee was born. The next step was finding a bus.

The Big Red Monster

English double decker busses are not common in the U.S. It’s not something you can just go down the street and buy. But Steve was fortunate enough to find one that would ultimately run well, have enough room for an art gallery, and look good, too. That red monster was in Texas, which meant getting it to Las Vegas, a very difficult and stressful undertaking. Add to that the bus’ rough mechanical shape (and disheartening bad paint job) and you get a crazy adventure, what became a 28 hour odyssey of driving a smoke-belching, oil-spitting creature no more than 50 miles per hour across 800 miles of desert. That’s a story in itself.

Steve Patchin

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