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We work in three primary ways:

  1. You book us, and we come to your home, office or private event to let your invited guests enjoy the experience.

  2. We go to scheduled events.

  3. We travel routes around the Las Vegas Valley letting people enjoy our art and coffee.

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RJ story on Art Bus Coffee:

Mobile Art Gallery and Coffee Shop in an English Double Decker Bus

Some examples of art available on the bus (see our GALLERY for more):

I wanted to find a good way to bring art to people so they could experience it in person instead of through a phone screen. This led to what is now Art Bus Coffee, a concept and a bus that became a very big project designed around making my photography and photo paintings easily available and mobile. The deep passion behind it, the extreme yet satisfying difficulty in getting it on the right path and keeping it there, and the exciting inspiration it creates through its one-of-a-kind qualities of being a bus, a coffee shop and an art gallery all at once, make Art Bus Coffee the biggest single project of my life. It became this unique creation organically rather than by forceful planning. Through it all, this old, dirty, smoking, faded brick of a vehicle transformed into a restored, clean, bright, distinctive bus with a new purpose, although none of the process was easy. We first had to drive it from El Paso, Texas to Las Vegas. Next, we restored it, which involved replacing numerous major parts so it would run properly again. (And I became an English bus mechanic by default). Finally, we turned it into the art gallery and coffee shop that travels to its customers.

I don’t know exactly where the concept came from, but I do know when: on a peaceful Sunday morning in October, 2016. From that moment, everything happened, well, like a runaway bus, but in slow motion. I considered other types of busses, but only a double decker would work for this idea. I searched online for double decker busses, and they were either too old or too expensive. I certainly like the older style busses, but they are not mechanically practical or large enough. Then I found this 1985 Leyland Olympian in Texas. After only brief discussions with the seller, I made a deal, and headed for Texas to get it and drive it home to Vegas.

bus as I bought it
As I first saw it.

Like a parent who can’t recognize he has an ugly child, I only saw the good in this blocky monstrosity. I simply ignored all the faults, which were far more than the virtues. And in spite of its tantrum along the way (refusing to go into gear so we could leave a truck stop and continue the journey), its terrible diarrhea problem (spewing oil out the back and all over itself), its extreme slowness climbing hills (sometimes going as slow as 20 mph on a steep highway incline), I still felt good about it when we finally arrived in Vegas 800 miles and 28 hours later. (That trip is a story in itself.)

In my blindness to its faults, I grossly underestimated the work ahead of me. I really believed I could do what needed to be done in a month or two. I was very wrong, and that’s another story or two as well. But now, Art Bus Coffee, or ARTBUZ, as it is nicknamed, is alive (maybe even re-born) and on the streets of Vegas with some excellent coffee and really striking photo art.

bus at the opening
At the opening.

–Steve Patchin

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