This picture did not come easy. It is a photo composite of multiple photographs in my collection that I carefully blended and mixed digitally (what I call photo painting) to create a new picture. As with most of my photo paintings, I was looking for the right feel for the image. I liked the stone and brick, and I liked the colors as I started painting them. The motel pieces worked, too. But something was missing until I found the Studebaker shot I took a couple years ago. This picture needed that car. I did not set out to make a statement about a lost era, but adding the Studebaker seems to give the picture a bit more meaning, along with the feel I was looking for. Of course, it’s open for interpretation. Although I want people to feel something when they see my pictures, I do not typically create them to suit a particular audience unless I’m doing a commission. I make what comes to me and what feels right to me. From there, I believe there will always be someone who feels something in the picture, too. As with all my pictures, this one is for sale. I will be making the first print soon.

Author: Steve Patchin

Steve Patchin is an Emmy winning professional photographer and artist living and working is Las Vegas, Nevada. He specializes in photo paintings and photo composites. Steve also owns and operates Patchin Pictures, a video and photography company he started in 1997. He opened his newest venture, Art Bus Coffee, in 2017 to take his art to the public in a new way that bypasses the traditional gallery structure. Steve believes people should buy art because they like it and because they feel some connection to it. It doesn’t matter what you think it may be worth in 15 years or whether an art critic told you why you should like it. What matters is what art means to you.

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