You Can Hang Your Imagination on the Wall

Few people would want to hang this image on their walls, not because it isn’t cool or interesting, but because it’s very specific, and it doesn’t have a personal connection to them. It also doesn’t matter how long it took to create or how difficult it was to achieve. If you’re like most, you want things that connect to you on a personal level. When it comes to collecting art, especially pictures, if you’re not a sophisticated/professional art collector, you’re mainly concerned with finding art that you like, that “speaks” to you, that you can hang on your wall and enjoy. Beyond pictures of your family, what might this art look like? What can your imagination help create?

The picture above is not a simple picture. No amount of planning can force a moment like this to exist so it can be photographed with one click. It was built from my imagination using almost every skill and artistic ability I’ve learned and practiced through the years. What does this mean to you? It means I can work with you to create something from your imagination, too. It doesn’t have to be this complicated, but we can do it together. In this example, I wanted to create a character escaping a large threat, but I didn’t want it to be some kind of massive, single explosion or bomb. I wanted it to be more ominous. The end result is rather subtle, but comes across in how the picture feels. To achieve this result, I first needed the right model with the right look. Kylie came along at just the right moment. We bought clothes from a thrift store to finish off her overall style. Then, we photographed her posing in Patchin Pictures’ studios. After capturing her outstanding look, the rest was post production.

I have been a photographer for more than 40 years. I shoot things everywhere I go, and I had a huge landscape of the Las Vegas Valley that I had never used for anything because, though it had great detail, it was shot at a “flat” time of day when the shadows weren’t interesting. This gave me a perfect canvas from which to work. The final image above includes six different photographs that I carefully matched and blended together to achieve the feel I wanted. The technical details don’t matter. What matters most is whether or not it has the affect I want. My answer to myself is yes.

But what if you want something from your own imagination? What if you have an idea that needs to be realized? When it comes to pictures, I can create it for you. From simple to complex, I can take your idea and make it real, make it something you can hang on the wall, or use for a book cover, or promote your business. Contact me to discuss a commission to create your picture, or have a look through the gallery where you might find that the image you want already exists.

Author: Steve Patchin

Steve Patchin is an Emmy winning professional photographer and artist living and working is Las Vegas, Nevada. He specializes in photo paintings and photo composites. Steve also owns and operates Patchin Pictures, a video and photography company he started in 1997. He opened his newest venture, Art Bus Coffee, in 2017 to take his art to the public in a new way that bypasses the traditional gallery structure. Steve believes people should buy art because they like it and because they feel some connection to it. It doesn’t matter what you think it may be worth in 15 years or whether an art critic told you why you should like it. What matters is what art means to you.

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