Derelict Dreams

A Photo-Graphic Novel by Steve Patchin

Derelict Dreams is a large size photo-graphic novel about old signs and old cars coming to life and invading Las Vegas. This project was initially set up to be funded through a Kickstarter campaign, but I found that people did not want to use Kickstarter. So, as this is more than a year from completion anyway, I will work on alternate funding structures so I can get the printing costs to a reasonable level, allowing the purchase of the book to be $60 or less. To be updated on this project, please fill out the Art Bus Coffee contact form.

What’s in the Book?

This book will be a unique fantasy story that is told primarily with full page artistic photo paintings such as the examples below. There is also a considerable narrative, so it’s not just a “picture book.” The settings for the pictures will be throughout Las Vegas and surrounding areas, including Mt. Charleston,  Red Rock, Lake Mead, Fremont street, The Strip and many, many neighborhoods and businesses that are historically important to Las Vegas. I have involved lots of locals in picking locations that are meaningful to the town’s history and its residents. This book will serve as a tour of Las Vegas that includes places only locals remember, as well as the high profile hotel-casinos. And it’s all done in the context of an adventure story.


Above is an example of the type of picture I will create for business pledges.

The signs tore themselves from their old buildings that had held them for decades and longer. They ripped free from their pointless vigils, no longer advertising anything that existed. Pulling, clawing and crawling using appendages that broke through from their constructs like sprouting weeds in an empty lot, they gathered in odd places. Many grew huge and glowed to life as if connected to some new, wireless energy source. And then they set out in isolated herds, heading south with a purpose nobody understood but the signs themselves.” — Excerpt from Derelict Dreams by Steve Patchin.